Our Projects for Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Jinja

About Jinja

Jinja is located in Busoga which has 73 sub-counties, 571 parishes, and 5659 villages. About 5.7% fertility rate, 41.4 infant mortality for under 5. 83.8% of people move up to 3 kilometers to nearest health center. About 14% of all poor people in Uganda are in Busoga. 33.5% of teenagers in the poorest households are projected to begin childbearing. 29% of households are headed by women.

Literacy of persons aged 10 years and above is 67.4% 

0 %

Percentage of teenage pregnancy

0 %

Percentage of poverty

0 %

Percentage of homes headed by women

MISSION: Promoting health and wellbeing among adolescent girls and young women in Jinja - Uganda

Our Community Projects

Tackling Gender-Based Violence | Child-Marriage | Harmful Cultural Norms

We bring adolescent girls and young women into village-based interactive camps in Jinja Uganda where they gain awareness about gender based violence, early marriage, and harmful cultural practices. We equip them with skills on how to detect, prevent, and report these injustices, and how to provide peer-support to each other through their village groups.

Promoting Self-Service Family Planning | Home-Based Nutrition | Safe-Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

We promote access to condoms, pills, and self-injection family planning options among adolescent girls and young women in Jinja Uganda. We also promote access to save drinking water, proper hygiene, sanitation, especially among lactating and pregnant young women.

Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship | Mentorship & Counselling | Rights-Awareness

We promote hands-on entrepreneurial skills among adolescent girls and young women in Jinja Uganda through village innovation camps where they practically learn making tradable products; soap, crafts, pastry & baking, and sanitary pads. We also promote psycho-social support especially among adolescent girls and young women who have experienced traumatic abuse. We support abused adolescent girls and young women access justice, as well as sensitize them on their rights and responsibilities.

Project Reports