We are looking for volunteers or interns who have completed at least high school level of education and are interested in issues of girls, health, literacy, and rural community engagement in Uganda. 

We accept volunteers willing to stay a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of 12 months. The details on this issues are contained in our volunteer manual which can be emailed upon request. 

Yes, there are some costs involved, especially costs that directly cater for the volunteers while in Uganda. In case you are interested in the details, let us know. 

MAKEXAFRICA ensures that intending volunteers are supported from arrival to their residence, etc, before they start their assignment. The details on this are contained in our free volunteer manual. 

We are a results oriented-organization focused more on teams accomplishing tasks than ‘showing up’. That said, we work 9-5 Monday to Thursday, and 10am-2pm on Fridays. Weekends are private time, unless there is an emergency. 

We are an all embracing organization. As long as you are passionate about supporting girls, you are welcome regardless of your political, religious, race, or sexual orientation. 

Absolutely! Uganda is a beautiful country – the Pearl of Africa. We encourage and indeed, help our volunteer experience best tourist sites in Uganda, without comprising their contribution to the organization. 

Feel free to request for our comprehensive manual on volunteers where most issues are addressed by contacting us at makexafrica@makexafrica.com or muguddesimon@makexafrica.com or at +256(0)775-515330 

We are not bureaucratic. We are a young and growing organization that believes in harnessing the talents of each of our team members. Learning is at the heart of our organization, we therefore continue to build an environment where free thought, innovation, and debunking age-old myths can happen. We support each of our team members to be in charge of what they do – able to work under minimum supervision. 

YES, you are free! We have a variety of options as far as volunteer accommodation is concerned. Your safety as a volunteer is important to us, we therefore provide as much information as possible to volunteers while making decisions and choices.